where is Belize

Where is Belize

When people hear Belize, the question that first comes to their minds is “Where is Belize”? Belize is situated on the Northern Central America’s Caribbean coast. It is bordered on the north by Quintana Roo (a Mexican state), by El Peten (Guatemalan department) on the west and by Izabal (Guatemalan department) on the south. If you travel by air, you will arrive at Belize from Miami in about two hours.

If you travel by land from the border of Texas through Mexico, you will arrive in Belize in forty- eight hours or two days. If Central America is your starting point, you will arrive in Belize in a 1-day travel by land from the city of Guatemala. A half hour travel by boat will bring you to Belize from Izabal.

The Caribbean Sea is featured on the east of Belize. It is known as the world’s second largest reef- barrier. It measures 386 kilometers with much of it is marshy coastline. Belize has a total land area of 22,960 sq.km. This area is twice that of Jamaica. However, the said actual land area is reduced to 21, 400 sq.km. due to several lagoons that lie along the coasts and as well as in the northern interior region of Belize. The small size of Belize makes its location very questionable to many people.